• Nicola’s transformation since joining Active Tameside

    Nicola’s transformation since joining Active Tameside

    Since joining and regularly attending Active Ashton, Nicola Bintliff has become healthier and happier. Her transformation led to her being nominated for a 2017 Pride of Tameside Sports Award, where she was runner up in the ‘Changing Lifestyle Recognition’ category.

    Nicola has problems with her bones and joints and is partially blind and deaf due to a hereditary condition called Stickler Syndrome. She said: “I also struggle with anxiety and depression and I put on a lot of weight due to medication and because I quit smoking.”

    She said: “I was really low with the weight gain, I didn’t feel like myself and so I decided to join the gym. I don’t know what made me do it because I didn’t even know what a treadmill was called, but I’m so glad I did.”

    Motivation and confidence building

    Nicola Bintliff Active TamesideNicola did regular personal training sessions and attended the gym and group exercise classes 4 days a week, which helped her to lose 3 stone in a year. She said: “The personal training helped me with my confidence. Now I can go to the gym on my own no problem and I feel amazing, I’ve got loads of confidence and I’ve made lots of friends.

    “I never thought I’d be lifting weights and doing strength training. It helps me with my bones and I can feel myself getting stronger every time. There is no cure for my condition, so it is a really big deal to find something that feels like it is helping.”

    Improved mental health

    Getting active has also been great for Nicola’s mental health. She explained: “Before this, because of my anxiety, I could never go out in the dark, I wouldn’t leave the house. Since finding the gym I am now going to classes and coming home in the dark. The confidence I have found since coming here and the support from the staff has been a massive help. I’ve realised how much more I am able to do than I had previously thought.”

    Nicola’s two children are very proud of their mum and they like to get involved with any exercise she does at home. Nicola said: “I feel different inside and out and they can see that, they’re amazing. My disability is invisible, it can be difficult to explain. It is a challenge but this has helped and I’ve conquered so much.

    “I would definitely encourage people to give it a go. I love it and Active Ashton is my second home now, I would never stop coming!”

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