• Riverty has gained fitness and confidence with Active Tameside

    Riverty has gained fitness and confidence with Active Tameside

    Active Tameside member, Riverty, first started attending Active Medlock as far back as 2008, having previously been a regular at Active Ashton. She had been swimming by herself twice a week for some time, but struggled with confidence and didn’t have the courage to go and train in the gym.

    One day, before going swimming, Riverty plucked up the courage to venture on to the gym floor, where she found Fitness Instructor, Alicia. Riverty explained to Alicia that she would like to lose weight, tone her arms, gain more confidence, meet new people and learn how to use the gym equipment.

    Riverty and Alicia at Active MedlockHelp and encouragement

    Riverty said: “Alicia encouraged me by offering to help me use the resistance equipment on the gym floor. She then provided me with one-to-one training each week and eventually talked me into trying a class out with her. She met me in her own time, after work one night and participated in my first ever class with me, which involved kettlebells.

    “I absolutely loved it; the music, the workout and meeting new people. I was finally out of my comfort zone of swimming alone. I upgraded my membership from ‘Swim Only’ to ‘All-Inclusive’ so that I could attend lots of classes and I even joined Alicia’s ‘Weight Loss Boot Camp’. After the 6-week Boot Camp, I became fitter, stronger and more toned and I met some lovely new friends.”

    Improving fitness and confidence

    Since using the gym, Riverty said: “My confidence and fitness have really improved. I have toned up, lost weight and I can now lift much heavier weights. I love meeting new people and I have met so many new friends.”

    She added: “Since upgrading my membership, I work out 5 days a week. My goals are to become stronger, fitter and leaner. I want to continue to lead a happy, healthy life as well as enjoying the social side of being at the gym.”

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