Join Sarah with a low-intensity seated dance workout.  

Dale has a HIIT Workout for you all to try!  

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Paul’s back with another Fit & Fun Workout!  

Enjoy a Relaxing Pilates Workout with Sarah.  

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has another Yoga workout for you to try!

Lianne has a Dance Workout for all the children to enjoy!  

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Jenny, from our Live Active Team, has a Dancercise Workout for you all to try!  

Colette has another Pilates Workout for you all, this time focusing on your Abs, Core and Back.  

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Paul has a Fit & Fun session for you all, similar to his Danceability workouts.

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has put together another Yoga Workout for you all!  

George has put together a short 2-minute video giving you guidance for a HIIT Workout you can do at home.... Read More

Jenny from our Live Active Team, has a Tai-Chi Workout to help with Arthritis and to prevent falls.

Tracy has a Back & Core Stretch workout for you to try at home.

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Join Colette in a Strength & Core Workout, the only equipment you will need is Milk Cartons.

Paul is back with his second Danceability workout. Join in with this fun workout – suitable for all the family.

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Our fitness instructor, George, has been releasing a short 3-video series of exercise demonstrations over the last couple of weeks.... Read More

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Jenny from our Live Active Team has a Seated Tai-Chi Workout to benefit those with Arthritis or if you just... Read More

Tracy has an Abs Blast Workout for you all, 20-minutes of core focussed exercises to develop your abdominal muscles.  ... Read More

If you are struggling to find appropriate equipment to use for your own or our workouts, then this video will... Read More

Enjoy a danceability workout with Paul, a fun workout for everyone.  

Enjoy a cardio resistance band workout with Chelsea.  

Tracy has a Strength German Volume Training Workout for you to try, enjoy!