Become the PE Teacher or let the children follow Alex’s instructions with his PE Lesson.  

Paul is back with another Fit & Fun workout, enjoy!  

Our fitness instructor, Colette, has been releasing a variety of videos demonstrating key Pilates movements. There has been 4 short... Read More

Lianne has another PE dance lesson to keep the children occupied. This weeks lesson is on Bhangra Dance, which is... Read More

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has another Yoga workout for you to enjoy.

Sarah is back with another Dance Fitness workout, enjoy!

Jenny from our Live Active team, has a 25-minute HIIT Workout for you all.  

Here is a Pilates workout with Sarah, give it a try and see how you get on!

Chelsea was LIVE on Facebook on Monday, with a Total Body Circuit. Here is the video from that Live Stream,... Read More

Aidan has another PE lesson for you, let the children have a go!

Lockdown has changed all our lives in one way or another. We’ve had to adapt, make do and amend our... Read More

Here’s Paul with his weekly ‘Fit & Fun Workout’, enjoy!

Lianne has another PE dance lesson for you, this time it’s Jazz Dance!

Everybody Can’s Sarah, has another Yoga workout for you!

Enjoy this Dance Fitness workout with Sarah.

Caron has a Restorative Yoga Workout session for you.

In normal times, it might be easy to take local leisure centres for granted. But we all know how much... Read More

Jenny has created another Dancercise Workout for you all to try.

Hayley has our second PE Lesson for the children to enjoy in the garden.

Become the PE Teacher or let the kids follow Mikes instructions with this PE Lesson.  

Our fitness instructor, Colette, has a Guided Relaxation Session for you.  

Tameside Council has put together a set of self-led family activity trails and activities that you can do in parks... Read More

Enjoy another Fit & Fun workout with Paul, the video has been uploaded in two segments: Part 1 Part 2

Here’s a legs, bums and tums workout from Caron.

Our Fitness Instructor, Colette, has created a series of 6 workout challenges for you to try. Each of Colette’s Challenges,... Read More

Enjoy another Yoga Workout with Sarah.  

Zoe has a Dance Fitness Workout for you, give it a whirl!