Join Colette for a gentle full body Pilates class, great for your core and postural muscles.  

Join Sarah for the second session in her Tone and Shape home workout series – no equipment required.

Join Chelsea for a mixture of cardio and strength exercises – a great full body home workout.

Join Sarah for the first in her series of Tone and Shape home workouts – no equipment required!

Grab some dumbbells or tins of beans and join Chelsea for this great home workout.

Join Colette for a Pilates session that will work your back, core and leg muscles.

Join Chelsea for a great home workout that focuses on your core muscles.

Join Colette for a Pilates workout that focuses on your back and core muscles.

AMRAP stands for ‘as many reps (or rounds) as possible’. See how many you can do!

Box your way to fitness with Tracy’s non-contact full body workout.