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Active Choice Card Terms & Conditions

By purchasing the Active Choice Card, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions surrounding the card.

  • We are strictly a no refund trust and monetary value applied to the Active Choice Card will not be refunded, unless this has been pre-arranged and agreed with Management.
  • This card may not be exchanged for cash.
  • This card is not a cheque guarantee, credit, debit or charge card.
  • This card is valid until 31st March 2024 *Subject to change*
  • If a card reaches expiry, it will be terminated and funds on the card will be lost.
  • We are able to transfer balances upon request, if:
  • The customer no longer wants to use the card, and wants to provide the balance to a member of family or friends card.
  • Active Tameside can freeze cards if:
    • A customer has requested (after providing appropriate information and reasoning)
    • We feel the card is being miss used
  • We are not liable for lost or stolen cards, protect it as you would cash. We are able to replace lost / stolen cards (providing the card has been registered with Active Tameside, or the customer presents the receipt of top-up). You may be charged a £3 fee for existing card termination, a new replacement and any balance transfer necessary.
  • Active Choice Card minimum top-up value is £5
  • Active Choice Card maximum top-up value is £100
  • Active Choice Card maximum balance value is £600
  • Active Tameside Reward schemes will be regular.
  • Any bonus funds from rewards schemes cannot be used to top-up the card again.
  • Active Choice Card cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.


Active Choice Card Functionality

The following functionality, is how the Active Choice Card can be used. By purchasing the card, you are confirming that you have understood the functionality and agreed the card is suited for your usage.

  • Top-up is available via our App, Online and in-centre.
  • You can check balance via our App and online, here.
  • In-centre redemption for any activity provided, at any of our Active Tameside centres (Excluding Active Etherow).
  • In-centre redemption on any product sold in our any of our Active Tameside in-centre stores and/or Fuel Cafés.
  • Redemption for Active Premier membership payments only (Joining Fee, Pro-Rata or Paid-in-Full membership payments only). *In-centre only
  • Active Choice Card cannot be used for block swimming or gymnastics lesson payments (Excluding pro-rata payments).
  • Online redemption for any activity provided.
  • App redemption for all activities excluding (Gym Inductions, PT Schemes, Group Fitness Classes, Pitches & Court Bookings).
  • Split payments can be made for any in-centre, online or app purchase.
  • Active Choice Card can NOT be used for any Direct Debit payments.
  • Active Choice Card can NOT be used for any party bookings.


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