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Active Tameside celebrates National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week takes place from 2nd-6th October. The week is all about recognising and celebrating excellent customer service. This week, we will be joining others in raising awareness of customer service and the vital role that it plays in successful business practice, for our organisation.

One of the themes for National Customer Service Week is ‘the voice of the customer’. Did you know about all of the different ways that you can contact us at Active Tameside? You can email us at: or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter. We also send out feedback surveys from time to time, so keep an eye on your inbox for future feedback opportunities. Alternatively, you can call one of our centres – all phone numbers can be found on our website.

Customer service is very important to us at Active Tameside and we are pleased to say that our ‘Net Promoter Score’ is 50%, while the Leisure Industry average is 34%. The ‘Net Promoter Score’ measures customer willingness to recommend a company or organisation and their products or services to others.

Another of the topics for National Customer Service Week is ‘unlocking your potential’. As well as helping you unlock your fitness potential, we also help our staff to unlock theirs – one example of this being that 28 of our customer-facing people are currently doing a Customer Service NVQ with Trafford College. This should help them to improve their potential and provide you with great customer service.

If you have received a particularly positive customer service experience from one or more of our people, please let us know. We want to recognise our customer service heroes! Let us know on our Facebook page or by email. Our Customer Service Assistants are:

Tracey TurnerActive Ken Ward

Niranjana Mistry, Deborah Shaw and Marie HulleyActive Ashton

Alicia Roper, Michelle Calvert, Barbara Ninnes, Naomi Lever and Keely GreenActive Hyde

Nicola Wilde, Gemma Lomas, Paula Benstead and Callan FletcherActive Denton

Victoria Whittaker, Ann Wilde, Nicola Roberts, Janet Walker and Debra GreenwoodActive Copley

Dina Parmer, Sarah Lee, Angela Hanmer and Lucy WhiteActive Medlock

Donna Williams and Karen HallActive Oxford Park

Samantha AllenSky High Adventure

Hannah FellowsTotal Adrenaline

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