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MyZone is a physical activity belt which measures your heart rate and helps you to track your workouts, with real-time feedback. It consists of an adjustable belt, which you wear under your clothing, across the middle of your chest.

A transmitter attaches to the belt, which sends your activity information to screens in the gym and an app on your smart phone. MyZone belts can currently be used at Active iTrain in Dukinfield, Tameside Wellness Centre in Denton and Active Copley in Stalybridge.

Download the MyZone app: App Store or Google Play Store

MyZone features

  • Track your heart rate, effort level (percentage of max heart rate) and calories burned using the new MZ-3 belt technology.
  • View your effort on your smart phone and on the screens in our gyms.
  • Create personal goals and track your workouts with your smart phone.
  • Compete with friends and other gym members, if you wish.
  • Earn MyZone effort points (MEPs), which show how much effort you’re putting into your workout.

MyZone facility codes

iTrain: ITRAINUK001     Active Copley: TAMUK001

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