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Chelsea was LIVE on Facebook on Monday, with a Total Body Circuit. Here is the video from that Live Stream,... Read More

Here’s Paul with his weekly ‘Fit & Fun Workout’, enjoy!

Everybody Can’s Sarah, has another Yoga workout for you!

Enjoy this Dance Fitness workout with Sarah.

Caron has a Restorative Yoga Workout session for you.

Jenny has created another Dancercise Workout for you all to try.

Our fitness instructor, Colette, has a Guided Relaxation Session for you.  

Enjoy another Fit & Fun workout with Paul, the video has been uploaded in two segments: Part 1 Part 2

Here’s a legs, bums and tums workout from Caron.

Our Fitness Instructor, Colette, has created a series of 6 workout challenges for you to try. Each of Colette’s Challenges,... Read More