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Chelsea has completed a Core Workout that you can do at home, take a look!  

Collette has released another Pilates session, this time focusing on balance.  

Zoe has created a Zumba-inspired Dance Workout for beginners, just for you guys to try at home.  

Chelsea has releaesd a Low Impact Aerobics Workout, have a go at this workout below.

Our fitness instructor Collette, has released another Pilates Home Workout.  

An Abs Blast Workout session now available, focusing exercises on the abdominal muscles with Tracy.  

Here’s Chelsea’s 30-minute Cardio Legs, Bums and Tums Class – Have you had a go yet?

Get a sweat on with this hardcore HIIT session with Chelsea. No equipment needed, just lots of energy!  

Join in now with Tracy’s Legs, Bums & Tums class at home, and keep an eye out for a guest... Read More

Missing your Pilates classes? Don’t worry, you can get your fix with Colette! Try her relaxing home workout NOW and... Read More