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Dan Bland’s Tour of Tameside Training Tips

Active Tameside Fitness Instructor, Dan Band, who is mainly based at Active Copley, will be taking on the 2018 Tour of Tameside as part of Team Active Tameside. This challenging race series includes running 4 races in 4 consecutive days and Dan will be taking part in all 4 races.

If you are thinking about taking on the Tour of Tameside this year, or another running event, Dan has some tips to help get your training off to a good start. If doing all 4 races seems a bit too daunting, you can choose to do one race from the series, such as the X-Trail 10k or the Dr Ron Hyde 7 mile race. Find out more about the Tour of Tameside and being part of Team Active Tameside here.

Dan’s Tour of Tameside training

Dan Bland Active TamesideMy background and my role at Active Tameside

I served 5 years in the army, where I built up my fitness and participated in a number of cross country runs. I teach a variety of classes across Active Tameside such as Tone and Shape, BodyPump by Les Mills, Spin, Burn and Synrgy 360.

What I do to keep myself fit

Regarding my own fitness, I try to do as much strength work as possible. I also attend classes by other Active Tameside Fitness Instructors, such as Strength & Conditioning and Sprint by Les Mills and I like to develop my cardiovascular fitness by running.

My race events and challenges

The Tour of Tameside will be the first sporting event that I will be taking part in. I am also taking part in the Greater Manchester Marathon on 8th April this year.

Why I am running the Tour of Tameside and my goals

I am running the Tour of Tameside because I want a challenge and something to keep me focused. I would also like to set a positive example for our organisation and our members.

How my training has been going so far

Up to now my training has been going well. I try a do at least 3 runs per week, including 1 long run to train for endurance and 2 other runs where I work on my technique and speed.

Tour of Tameside 2018My training tips for the Tour of Tameside

If you are considering taking part in the Tour and you are relatively new to running, ensure you have a set routine of workouts each week, including a range of sessions such as core and light strength work. Also ensure that you run outside as well as on the treadmill. With my own training I have increased my distances by 10% every week so, for example, I started off with 5 mile runs and I have now increased them to 6 miles, which I will continue to do leading up to the races.

Join Dan in his classes, to compliment your running training and help to injury-proof yourself. Book online here.

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