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Special Education Programme

Our Special Education programme allows us to support some of the most complex and challenging young people within the local community, who have often struggled to attend a traditional educational session for various reasons, leading to no schooling.

Our aims for the provision are to create a pathway to independence, developing people holistically with aims to grow, improving social skills, health and wellbeing and looking to teach important life-skills through interesting and enjoyable activities, whilst also ensuring we deliver a person-centred approach.

Our team looks at innovative ways, through a diverse program to re-engage the young people by supporting and offering new, unique experiences in a variety of alternative sessions, through adventurous and experiential learning, providing the structure and constancy needed to form the platform they need to grow and achieve their potential.

Active tameside staff member assisting someone iwth special needs rehouse small animals

Currently, our services deliver to 18 young people across different cohorts from various backgrounds, with the longer term views of preparing them for their individual pathways, whether that be integrating back into the community through volunteering opportunities, progressing onto our Supported Internship programme or Care 2 Success scheme, and gaining paid employment and/or transitioning into our adult social care provision.

The programme’s common themes are:

  • To develop the learner’s life, confidence, independence, and communication and social skills, enabling them to add long-term value to their lives, families and the wider community, gaining the ability to learn from experience.
  • To control behaviours and make good choices; and the self-esteem, resilience, and motivation to persist towards desired goals.

For more information, email: dan.higgins@activetameside.com or call: 07833 468 205.

Supported internship

Our Supported Internship offers an employment-based course that gives young people with learning disabilities/additional needs the opportunity to develop employability skills in a real work place, surrounded by other working people, with a view to gaining new experiences and learning new skills in order to gain paid employment.

The Supported Internship programme allows exposure to the working environment, the wider community and a variety of activities and life skills, with great emphasis on developing independence in order for the interns to reach their full potential.

The Internship is run in partnership with Tameside College, Tameside Hospital, Tameside Council and Jigsaw Homes Group and consists of a combination of on-site classroom sessions and work experience placements at Active Medlock, Tameside Hospital and Jigsaw Homes Group.

Pathway to employment

Our aims are based around creating a realistic, sustainable pathway to employment for each person on the Internship, whilst at the same time being able to provide a person-centred approach, increasing social skills, developing team working, increasing levels of health and wellbeing, gaining further qualifications and applying theory to working practice.

View our Supported Intern success stories: Dylan – George – Amit

For more information, email: dan.higgins@activetameside.com or call: 07833 468 205.

Work experience

Active Tameside offers work experience for young people through school or college referrals. The work experience is traditionally 1-2 weeks in a specific job role. The student will choose a preferred area in which they are keen to gain experience in the facility they are allocated.

More information

The student will have a work book to complete over the allotted duration of the work experience to document and achieve learning outcomes.

For more information, email: helen.wilson@activetameside.com.

Youth intervention

Live Well Youth Intervention, in partnership with Great Sports, runs a number of free youth provisions across Tameside, offering young people aged 8-16 the opportunity to feel safe within their communities, engaging with others and bringing together a greater sense of community acknowledgment.

The provisions assist disadvantaged young people, giving them the opportunity to develop as individuals and enjoy new challenges, through volunteering and social action, whilst making a positive contribution to the community.

The aims are to

  • Build young people’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Develop young people’s ability to manage personal and social relationships.
  • Create learning opportunities for young people to develop new skills.
  • Encourage positive group atmospheres.
  • Build the capacity of young people to consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control.

Active Tameside, with Great Sports Youth Provision, provide a diverse and equal opportunity for all of the young people. Sessions include swimming, cooking, life skills, multi-sports and youth work. Detached workers cover a range of social, behavioural and anti-social behaviour, tackling drug, alcohol and sexual issues, linking into outside agencies.

For more information, email: helen.wilson@activetameside.com.

Active community cafés

We currently have two community cafés at Beatrix House and Loxley House in Dukinfield, where we like to provide volunteering opportunities, in some cases enabling paid employment outcomes for some of our young people and adults. Therefore, both locations are ran as a social enterprise, meaning that all income generated is used to buy products, maintain equipment and pay the young people and adults.

We currently have 13 young people from our Supported Services group and a further 4 from our Special Education programme who volunteer at the cafés, and we are delighted to say that 8 are holding down paid employment as a result.

The cafés are open to the public as well as residents and service users within the facilities. As for our own service users, it has allowed them to gain and develop valuable life, independence and social skills, whilst providing a fun and much-needed service.

old people being served food at beatrix house

Taking charge of the catering has not only enriched our partnership with New Charter and Tameside Council, it has also allowed us to offer disabled and vulnerable young people and adults the opportunity to develop.

Volunteers use local produce, develop their maths and literacy skills and interact with the local community. They also prepare the meals and set the tables before completing a full clean down of the seating area, cutlery and kitchen surfaces. This has enabled a significant increase in organisation, communication and social skills.

For more information, email: dan.higgins@activetameside.com or call: 07833 468 205.

Opening times

Beatrix House
Monday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Tuesday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Thursday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Friday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am-1:00pm

Loxley House
Monday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Tuesday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Thursday: 9:30am-1:00pm
Friday: 9:30am-1:00pm

Active Challenge

This intervention identifies a core group of young people highlighted by the police and other stakeholders/agencies as being involved in regular incidences of ASB, within NC neighbourhoods. The shared concern is the escalation of ASB activity and its impact on the local community, other young people and the individuals themselves.

There is also a concern regarding the vulnerability of these young people and the possible escalation of ASB to criminality. It is the desire of all stakeholders/agencies to provide interventions to resolve existing issues and prevent further occurrences. The intervention provides a network of accessible, bespoke sport and physical activity sessions for targeted groups of young people aged between 6 and 19 in NC neighbourhoods over a 12 week fixed term period, which can be extended as required.

The intervention will include provision for young people, including looked after children (LAC) and will involve partnership work with TMBC, NC, GM Police, TfGM and other local community groups to ensure that the intervention is individually centred and captures the benefits of working across all relevant agencies, in an identified place or neighbourhood.

The intervention will be delivered at local community venues (schools, community centres and outside spaces) and will involve outreach work. The intervention will also include specific specialist elements to help address the underlying causes pertinent to specific individuals, including youth work delivered by partner agencies Stone Soup and TMBC Youth Service.

For more information, email: helen.wilson@activetameside.com.


Active Tameside VIP, in partnership with Greater Sport, provides volunteer opportunities to local people. Active Tameside are committed to providing high quality opportunities in sport, through bringing local people and providers together.

As a reward, if you volunteer for 40 hours, you can trade your hours for a 1 month All-Inclusive Active Tameside membership with access to any Active Tameside centre. This membership allows you access to 7 gyms, 5 pools, 3 thermal suites and unlimited group exercise sessions.

Our aims are based around creating a pathway into employment, coaching courses and future development. Volunteers have their own portal through tamesidevip.com, where they can log the hours completed and create a personal development file.

For more information, email: helen.wilson@activetameside.com.

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My family experienced the Hyper Bowling last week. My children absolutely loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it, it was such great fun & good how any age can win. I was impressed by the price and how clean everywhere was…

Lee Napier

The staff! I’d still use Active Hyde’s gym if the facilities were rubbish and the price was high. There is always a cheerful person on hand to provide help and advice, both on site and on the phone.


10/10 great facilities and location. Excellent instructors and friendly staff.


The gym and reception staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, always happy to assist… I would highly recommend the gym to anyone who is looking for a friendly, professionally run gym with a great atmosphere that caters to all ages and abilities.

Mary Heaney

I am grateful to the staff at Tameside Wellness Centre for understanding my difficulties, especially since they are invisible. But believing and supporting and being kind to me has made me more determined to continue with my passion for life and remaining active as best as I can…

Yasmin Shad
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