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Future Plans (TMBC)


As a provider of public services we prioritise the importance of safe, efficient, appropriate facilities for our clients to enjoy. Maintaining our ageing facility stock requires significant investment between ourselves and the Council.

Collectively, over the course of 2017/18, we have invested capital in excess of £184,000 in maintaining the quality provision our community demands.

This spend is primarily on replacing defunct plant and machinery, which finds itself beyond general repair. The spend includes the Council’s contribution through the National Non-Domestic Rate (NNDR budget) of £100,000, with the additional £84,000 being found internally through Active Tameside’s essential and reactive maintenance budget of £415,000.

All avenues to maintain services are explored and, in periods of significant risk, finances have been captured through the Council’s capital programme.

If these activities were not to take place, the facilities would in effect be delivering a reduced standard service or be closed.

Summary of recent investments 2017/18

  • Replacement of the pool filtration plant at Active Copley.
  • Replacement of the hot water systems at Active Oxford Park and Etherow Bowling Centre.
  • Replacement of the cold water storage tank at Active Hyde.

The items are highlighted through our asset management plan and prioritised for replacement based on risk to the business, through general deterioration.

During the course of this financial year, the Trust suffered a 4 day unscheduled closure due to the high winds experienced in February, which ultimately ripped roofing panels from the building at Active Hyde rendering it unsafe for occupancy – factors which were beyond scheduling.

Summary of future investments 2018/19

  • We will continue to liaise with the Council and their support team, to critique and maximise the benefits of the construction of a conventional swimming pool in addition to the existing facilities at Hyde Leisure Pool, with an expected completion date of April 2019.
  • We have taken the lead to design a community extension suite at Active Oxford Park, which includes a sensory room, learning kitchen, media suite and classrooms at Active Oxford Park. This will enhance the site, equipping us to meet growing community demands. The scheme will be funded through the Council and is expected to be completed by April 2019.
  • We have also assisted the Council and their developers in designing the concept and service mix for the new Denton Wellness Centre – circa £15 million, working with their key stakeholders and NGBs to validate and maximise the opportunities. Our plan is to decommission the existing Active Denton site a week prior to the Wellness Centre opening, in spring 2020.
  • We will also assist the Council in their production of an ‘Options Appraisal’, to refurbish, redevelop or relocate Active Ashton, in order for us to effectively manage the capital risks that the site presents due to its age and original design quality, by January 2019.
  • We will develop Active Ken Ward by converting the centre’s underutilised boxing suite and adapting it into an additional gymnastics zone, enabling us to meet our communities’ sporting demands.
  • We will also be converting two external changing zones into a multi-functional classroom/meeting space at Active Ken Ward, which will enable us to deliver our ever increasing service demands, whilst equipping us effectively to offer courses by governing bodies.
  • At Active Medlock; a party room will be modified to be used as an additional classroom space during unused hours and half of our mezzanine will be subdivided to create two functional spaces for sessions and meetings, whilst increasing our ability to deliver extra birthday parties at the weekends.

Download our Capital and Asset Development document for more information.

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