On Active Tameside’s Gym Floor

On the gym floor of your Active Tameside centre you’ll find a great range of equipment so you can enjoy a varied workout, whatever you’re looking for.

CardioCardio Equipment

Whether its speed or stamina you’re looking to boost we have a great range of cardio equipment on the gym floor to get your heart pumping. Our machines all have pre-loaded workout programmes to help you with speed, stamina, long and short distance exercises, so you’ll never run out of inspiration.



COPLEY-17Strength Equipment

Targeted or whole-body workout? You can choose either when you visit our gyms. With machines designed specifically to work with the three-dimensional movement of your body, and with weight adjustments from 2.5kg you can strengthen, tighten and tone at Active Tameside.



COPLEY-1Synrgy 360

Try this multi-purpose platform for individual and group training available at both our Active Copley and Active Oxford Park centres. Use the different work stations to practise a circuit to give you an overall body work out.




Free Weights and Plate Loaded Equipment

Great for building strength and losing weight, our power rack platforms, dumbbells, and barbells are a great addition to your exercise routine. Ranging from 1kg to 50kg in weight, everyone can enjoy using weights as a part of their fitness regime.



HYDE-7Functional Training

Mix up your workouts with kettle bells, medicine balls, battle ropes, and punch bags to keep your gym routine exciting and varied.





Get ahead with PulseMove – stay motivated and on track as this app helps you maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the time you spend in the gym. Guiding you through equipment settings, instructions and effective use. You can even use PulseMove to track your usage, your achievements, and the calories you’ve burned. For the ultimate PulseMove experience you can even log into your PulseMove account anywhere to track and share your progress.
Enjoy PulseMove today – watch the video below to learn more!
[youtube id=”qyPIQQXwBXU” autoplay=”no”]


Get competitive with MyZone – measuring your effort levels only, MyZone keeps the competition for the top spot on the leader board open. The MyZone belt is a high-spec activity tracker that you can wear discretely wherever you go, measuring your activity and effort inside and outside of the gym – and giving you feedback on your performance within the gym.*

*Currently available at Active Copley and iTrain.

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