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Gymnastics lessons information

When Covid-19 restrictions end on 19th July, we will be making some slight changes to our gymnastics lessons. Please read the information below to find out what will be changing and which procedures will remain in place.

There will be an increase in capacity for selected gymnastics lessons. Timetables are available on our website here.

Our current safety procedures will remain in place and lessons will still last 45 minutes, however coaches will be cleaning equipment down after each session rather than during each session.

We kindly ask that you follow our procedures:

  • Face masks will not be mandatory, however we encourage you to wear one whilst walking through our buildings, spectating and where possible.
  • While changing rooms will be reopened, we encourage gymnasts to arrive ‘gym-ready’ (suitable clothing and hair tied up).
  • Spectating is now allowed within the facility but we encourage a space to be left between yourselves and others
  • Coaches will collect gymnasts at the entrance. There all yellow stars for the gymnasts to stand on while queuing for upstairs gymnastics. The yellow lines are for the main gymnastics hall.
  • We encourage hand sanitising on entering and leaving the building.
  • It is essential that all gymnasts’ emergency contact information is up to date.
  • When you arrive at the centre, please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. If you arrive too early you may need to wait in your car.
  • Once your child has returned to you, the teacher’s time is very precious and to ensure they can deliver your session and clean the hall before the next session; we kindly ask you not to hold the teacher up at the door. If you need to discuss anything with the teacher, they will be more than happy to give you a call when they come out of the hall. Please email: and a coach will contact you.
  • Children must be toilet trained and also have been to the toilet before entering the gymnastics hall.
  • Children must be able to take their own shoes and sock off. Trampoline socks are needed for trampoline sessions.
  • Children should bring a washable bag (pump bag preferably) for shoes, socks etc.
  • No drinks allowed in the hall.
  • No jewellery (earrings) will be allowed and you must provide your own plasters.
  • Each week your child will focus on 2 gymnastics disciplines. This will rotate on a 4-week basis. For example: week 1 – floor and beams; week 2 –  vault, track and bar; week 3 – conditioning room and the trampoline; week 4 – upstairs gym hall (mixed equipment room).

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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