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Personal Training in Tameside

Introducing NEW personal training sessions across our centres

Tailored support for your fitness, health and wellbeing.

If you think PTs are well out of your reach or you’re not at the right fitness level, think again. Personal trainers are invaluable for absolutely anyone looking for guidance, support and motivation at any stage of their health and fitness journey.

PT in Tameside makes personal trainer expertise accessible to all members (including casual members) and we’re now offering dedicated sessions – £25* for one hour – with our highly experienced Level 3 qualified team across five of our centres.

PT sessions are available at Active Ashton, Active Copley, Active Hyde, Tameside Wellness Centre and Active Medlock. They will provide one-to-one knowledge and support to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

Are you ready to reinvigorate your exercise routine or do you need support to step-up your health and fitness journey?

Pre-book your PT session via our app or online!

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*£30 for casual members.

How our PTs can help you

  • They’ll set achievable goals and plans to achieve them, tailored to you, your needs and ability.
  • They’ll provide support to work towards your goals, at a pace you’re comfortable with whilst motivating you to keep on track.
  • You’ll learn more about your health, wellbeing and what’s best for you and your body
  • You’ll be provided with a variety to your workouts and explore new ways to look after your health and wellbeing.
  • PTs can offer guidance, tips and advice on exercising outside of sessions so you can continue to work towards your goals on your own terms. This also covers healthy lifestyle advice and nutrition.


  • Our PTs are friendly! They deliver their training in an inclusive and supportive way, so you’ll feel at ease and motivated.
  • For those already on a journey, PTs can enhance your efforts by providing a fresh perspective and offer new and additional ways to achieve goals.
  • For those who don’t know where to start, a PT can offer a valuable first step to new routines and exercises to get you started.
  • For those in need of motivation, a PT can set you new challenges to work towards.
  • PTs can also tailor plans to accommodate any specific illnesses, injury recovery or conditions which might be holding you back.
  • For those training for a specific event or challenge, PTs can offer guidance and tailored plans to help you prepare.

About our PTs


Based at Active Ashton






  • Women’s Specialist Coach (including body image, menopause, hormones, pelvic health and social values, and how these can impact women and exercise)
  • Resistance and strength training (with particular emphasis on, but not limited to, encouraging women into the weights area) including compound, dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight training
  • Upper body and core work
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • The power of mindset, self-belief and mental endurance, and how these impact our training and everyday lives
  • Running (indoor and outdoor, including event training and relevant strength exercises)




Based at Tameside Wellness Centre in Denton






  • I started learning about the ins and outs of fitness through my own personal weight loss journey
  • I specialise in weight loss, muscle building and confidence boosting
  • My goal is to help people achieve their desired goals while promoting body positivity
  • Fitness changed my life both mentally and physically, and I want it to do the same for someone else




Based at Active Ashton






  • I have worked for Active Tameside for 17 years as a Level 3 Fitness Instructor
  • I teach various fitness classes including Spin, Circuit Training and Fitball
  • My main specialist subject and personal hobbies are resistance training and HIIT training
  • I like to motivate and inspire to help people reach their goals, in both the gym and in fitness classes


Based at Active Ashton






  • My background is a little different from many other personal trainers, because I began my fitness journey at a later stage in life
  • In 2015, at the age of 53 – after twenty years of weight problems, yoyo dieting and letting my fitness levels deteriorate – I finally began to wake up to the truth that there is no magic formula
  • When it comes to health, nutrition and fitness, I know the feelings of confusion, apprehension and self-doubt, but over time, and with a great deal of determination, I conquered those negative feelings and began a successful lifestyle transformation
  • In 2018, after acquiring my Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training qualifications, I left my office job so I could embark upon a new vocation as a gym/class instructor and Personal Trainer
  • I now encourage and inspire others to embark upon their own health and fitness journey
  • I wish you every success achieving your goals



Based at Active Copley






  • I have worked for Active Tameside for over 4 years, continually upskilling and developing my passion for fitness – to achieve my ultimate goal of being a Personal Trainer
  • I love teaching group exercise classes – BODYPUMP by Les Mills, Strength & Conditioning and HIIT
  • I enjoy finding ways to make my classes and PT sessions fun and enjoyable, keeping members motivated all the way through
  • Seeing members achieve their fitness goals is so rewarding and this is why I do what I do


Based at Active Copley






  • I have been working in the fitness industry for the past 12 years and during this time I have taken many fitness classes, such as Pilates, Spin and Strength & Conditioning
  • I have worked with many different people and have helped them hit their full fitness potential – I am looking to help new people hit their goals
  • I developed a passion for fitness at a young age, competing in many swimming events
  • I specialise in pre and postnatal weight loss, toning and fitness building


Based at Active Hyde






  • I have been in the fitness industry for around 10 years now – from a young age I have run and competed at a high level within track and field and cross country – I’ve represented my country many times and have also run for England
  • As your personal trainer, I will help you to reach your goal by supporting you along the way and teaching you how to maintain the fitness that you achieve
  • I have the following qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer; Level 3 Advanced Instruction; Level 3 Nutrition for Sports and Exercise and Level 3 Nutrition for Weight Loss and Weight Management


Based at Active Hyde






  • I’ve always had a passion for fitness, whether that be running, HIIT, resistance and strength training, or stretch and mobility
  • Fitness played a big part during my pregnancy and aided my recovery afterwards
  • With a Level 3 in Adapting Exercise for Pre and Postnatal Clients, I have years of experience running fitness classes and boot camps for women
  • As your pre and postnatal PT, I’ll help you reach your fitness goals safely, in a friendly and motivating environment

Terms and conditions

  • Payment to be made upon booking your PT session
  • Active Tameside operates a no refund policy
  • It is the responsibility of the customer booking the PT session to ensure that the correct day and time have been selected and booked
  • No changes can be made within 48 hours of the booking date and time
  • Bookings can be made from 9am 30 days in advance
  • Booking in blocks is allowed up to 10 weeks in advance, in-centre only; no discounts are applicable
  • PT in Tameside is available to current members only (including casual members)
  • The price for casual members is £30 per one-hour session
  • Please book as far in advance as possible; sessions may be removed 2 hours prior to a session if not booked
  • The Active Choice Card CANNOT be used for PT in Tameside
  • There are no discounts applicable outside of the £5 exclusive member discount
  • Active iTrain PTs are not included in this offer and are subject to their own booking prices and conditions

All of our personal training sessions are available to book and pay for online. Simply select your location and choose an available slot with your preferred PT.

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