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Sit & get fit: a gentle seated workout

If you want a gentle exercise routine that still burns some calories, or would like to add a bit of fun to your video call with Grandma, try this workout. For this routine you only need a kitchen chair and 20 minutes to build strength and flexibility and raise your pulse. You can step it up by holding weights or tone it down by going slower, depending on how you’re feeling!

  1. Marches


Start the workout by marching your legs in a regular stamp, and lift your opposite arm at the same time as though you’re doing a brisk walk. Do it for a minute or two until you feel nicely warmed up.


2. Punches


Get your frustration out and punch continuously straight out in front of you at shoulder level. Make sure to keep your shoulders back and your back straight while you punch twenty times.


You can alternate this workout by doing “running arms” as well, which is moving your arms up and down with your elbows bent, in the same motion as you would do when running.


  1. Ab buster

Working on your core strength is easy to do from your chair. For this exercise, put your fingertips to your head and twist from side to side. Focus on twisting your waist, not your head or shoulders. Do 40 twists in total.


4. Strong man


Start by sticking your elbows out at shoulder height with your hands forwards, as though you’re about to get out of a pool. Simply raise your hands to the air, keeping your elbows where they are, and lower again. Keep this one slow to exercise the muscles and add weights if you don’t feel any excursion.


  1. Kick and hit


Kick your right foot forward and at the same time punch your left fist out in front of you. If you can, your arm should be in a straight line from your shoulder and your leg in a straight line from your hip. Alternate arms and legs for 40 reps.


6. Bends


It’s best to be sat at the end of your chair for this one. Stick your legs out in front of you with your heels on the floor and your toes up, with your fingertips to your head. Bend at your hips, lowering your head down as far as you can go with your back straight. Do this about 10 times. This is a great way to stretch your hamstrings!


  1. Knee crunch

To do this one, place your fingertips to your head and raise one knee up at a time.

How to fit this into your day?


Morning wake-up


As a gentle exercise routine, this is a great way to start the day and wake up your muscles. Try this as you’re getting out of bed for some extra motivation in the morning.


Work break


Want to break up your day in your home office? Pop the kettle on and do this workout as you wait for your tea to brew.


Get Grandma involved


If you can’t meet your grandparents in person but want to help them to stay active and having fun indoors, why not set up a call or a video chat for a virtual fitness class and do some exercise with them. Achieving it together will not only give you all more motivation, it can also escalate into a very fun and silly activity that will have you all smiling after a few minutes!


If you enjoyed this workout, why not check out our latest workout videos here. Want to see more? Let us know what you’d like to do next!



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