If you’re looking for an alternative way to work out in the pool, Swim Fit is for you!

SSwimmerwim Fit has been developed by swimming experts at the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). It offers a free online poolside club and gym style workout programme for the pool. Every time you visit us, feel free to pick up a Swim Fit programme on the poolside to follow or ,if you need more motivation, why not check out our Swim Fit coached sessions, led by one of our instructors?

Whether you’re looking to maintain your health, lose weight, shape up, increase your fitness level or compete at swimming competitions – there is a Swim Fit programme just for you. Swim Fit is all about getting results and helping you achieve your goal. It’s a fun and effective way to get the results you want and ,because water is 800 times denser than air, you are most likely to get there a lot quicker than any other workout.

Did you know?

30 minutes of slow front crawl will burn 257 kcal.
30 minutes of breaststroke will burn 367 kcal.


Active Tameside

Active Tameside