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Why we’re a little bit different and how you really are making a difference

An Active Tameside membership is something rather special.

Not only does it mean immeasurable benefits for your health and wellbeing, it also helps to make a real
difference to the lives of many others.

You see, we’re a registered charity so not only do we reinvest 100% of our profits back into providing high quality,
accessible-to-all facilities, they also help to fund some truly amazing and life-changing community services.

We’re committed to providing outstanding leisure, past-time and wellbeing activities that make an inspirational
difference to our community, giving everyone the chance to stay active, live healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Thanks to YOU and YOUR Active membership, we can help transform the lives of thousands of children, young people,
adults and older residents across the borough so they can live well and feel great too.




Take our award-winning Everybody Can service. This fantastic education and adult social care provision breaks down the barriers to sport, exercise and fulfilling activities and opportunities to enable EVERYBODY to thrive and reach their potential.

Click below to find out more and watch our heart-warming and inspiring video to see how your membership is helping to make a massive difference.

Man smiling at Everybody Can session




Through our Live Active Scheme we make physical activity accessible and available to the most vulnerable, including those with long-term health conditions.

Through our GP referral service, Health Walks, specialist physical activity sessions and one-to-one support we are helping people to get fitter, healthier and happier.

Click below to take a look at what you’re helping us to provide.

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We believe it’s essential to introduce youngsters to enjoyable physical activity from an early age and for over 20 years we’ve been making that possible through Active Education.

Our programme supports PE and school sport throughout Tameside, engaging over 11,000 children each week through Coaches in Schools, British Cycling, Bikeability, swimming, mental health and healthy eating courses and much more.

Thanks to you, generations of youngsters are living happier, healthier lives.

Click below to see for yourself.

child playing basketball




Active Tameside Community brings together a range of initiatives which are designed to support the Tameside community in a number of ways.

Our community cafes provide real life work experience, volunteering and paid employment opportunities for young people with a disability and/or additional needs. On the menu you’ll find fresh produce from our local allotments, which also provide opportunities for those across our other services to grow their own food to use in cooking sessions.

Our purpose-built, traffic free cycle circuit offers a safe place to grow cycling confidence and skills for riders of all ages and abilities, whilst our Fuel4Fun initiative successfully tackles social inequalities and holiday hunger amongst Tameside families & young people in partnership with TMBC and Department of Education.

Young people watering plans in allotment


We created Tameside Sport & Physical Activity Network to engage and support all Tameside sports clubs and physical activity groups to increase participation and develop their workforce, by providing pathways and advice, along with ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Within its first year, the Network has affiliated 80 sports clubs and groups, helped them to secure over £90,000 of funding and developed 12 new volunteers within the sport and physical activity setting in Tameside.

So, there you go. As an Active Tameside member, you’re also helping
to have a genuine impact on our wonderful community.


Sign up or get in touch for more information, by calling: 0161 366 4810 or emailing:

It starts with YOU and ends with comm-YOU-nity!

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