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The Live Active exercise referral service aims to improve your health and wellbeing, by working with you to become more active within your day to day life. The programme is designed to work individually with you to help manage your health condition(s) through a tailored physical activity programme, with ongoing support.


How we help you to live your best life

Live Active Classes

Contact one of the team: 0161 366 4860 / liveactive@activetameside.com.


A chair-based exercise class for falls prevention. Designed to improve postural stability for people with mobility and balance issues, using a variety of seated and standing exercises and resistance bands to improve muscular strength.


A low intensity and low impact exercise class for people with long term health conditions. Structured low intensity chair-based and standing circuit format exercise class, using light hand weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.

Live Active TAI CHI

Tai Chi for fall prevention and arthritis. Slow, controlled movements – a graceful form of exercise. This class involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing, to improve mobility for arthritis and reduce falls.


A low impact, low intensity water-based exercise class, incorporating a mixture of low-level aqua aerobic exercises and hydrotherapy exercises in water. No swimming is required. Exercises are structured, slow, controlled movements to improve mobility and reduce joint pain.


A moderate intensity cardiovascular workout class, using bodyweight exercises and equipment, incorporating a variety of exercises at separate stations. This class will focus on increasing your cardiovascular fitness, lean muscle growth and help to regulate weight loss to give you the complete full body workout.


A low/moderate intensity and impact total body workout to tone and strengthen muscles. Uses resistance bands, barbells/dumbbells and various other free weight equipment to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups. Incorporates a mixture of strength based and functional exercises, to help improve elasticity and strength, reduce muscle mass loss, improve circulation and combat pain. Ideal for those starting an exercise programme and trying to lose weight.


A non-structured session where people can come to do exercises in the water, including exercises that physios have given you to do. Alternatively, we can advise on some gentle strengthening exercises for you to do at your own pace or just to help give you more confidence in the water before you go for a lane swim when starting out.

Live Active FAQs

What is the Live Active GP referral service?

The service aims to improve your health and wellbeing, by working with you to become more active within your day to day life. The programme is designed to work individually with you to help manage your health condition/s through a tailored physical activity programme, with ongoing support.

How can I contact Live Active?

Please contact us by phone: 0161 366 4860 or email: liveactive@activetameside.com

Am I eligible to access the service?

You are eligible for support if you have any long term health conditions and you are currently inactive. You can discuss the service with your GP or healthcare professional and request for them to send a referral over to us. Alternatively, you can call us at the office: 0161 366 4860 to advise us of your health conditions.

How will it benefit me?

Research has shown that physical activity can have a positive effect on a wide range of long term health conditions. Increasing your physical activity, even by just a small amount initially, can help to reduce blood pressure, improve weight loss and improve heart and lung health, along with many other benefits.

How long will it last?

The referral process lasts for 6 months. You will have an initial consultation with a Live Active Officer at week 1, with appointments at weeks 6 and 12 and 6 months. There will then be a follow up after 12 months, to find out how you are doing. You will also have opportunities to make additional appointments if you need further support.

What is available and how much will it cost?

Appointments with your advisor will be free. There are also a range of discounted sessions available within the service, so finding something you enjoy is easy. If exercise classes or attending the gym aren’t for you, we have a range of fun and cheap alternative activities within the community, which are open to everyone. You can swim, cycle or even get involved in walking groups.

Will it make my condition worse?

It has been shown that increasing physical activity has a positive effect on many long term health conditions. Our Live Active Officers are trained to safely programme physical activities for a range of conditions and they will be by your side throughout the entire process. Some of the activities are even suitable for those of you who may need chair-based exercises.

What will I need to bring for my first session?

Your first appointment will be an informal chat with a Live Active Officer, to discuss your goals and the improvements that you would like to make to your health. We will advise you about what’s available and we will help to support you throughout the scheme, to stay motivated. If you are on any medication, please bring a copy of your prescription along with you.

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My family experienced the Hyper Bowling last week. My children absolutely loved it and wouldn’t stop talking about it, it was such great fun & good how any age can win. I was impressed by the price and how clean everywhere was…

Lee Napier

The staff! I’d still use Active Hyde’s gym if the facilities were rubbish and the price was high. There is always a cheerful person on hand to provide help and advice, both on site and on the phone.


10/10 great facilities and location. Excellent instructors and friendly staff.


The gym and reception staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, always happy to assist… I would highly recommend the gym to anyone who is looking for a friendly, professionally run gym with a great atmosphere that caters to all ages and abilities.

Mary Heaney

I am grateful to the staff at Tameside Wellness Centre for understanding my difficulties, especially since they are invisible. But believing and supporting and being kind to me has made me more determined to continue with my passion for life and remaining active as best as I can…

Yasmin Shad
UK Active Awards 2018 Winner UK Active Awards 2018 Winner UK Active Awards 2018 Winner