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Travel by public transport

Stay active by cycling to our centres. We have cycle hubs for you to store your bike at Active Ashton, Active Copley, Tameside Wellness Centre and Active iTrain. Click here to find a cycle route or find out more information about cycling in Greater Manchester.

Click here to plan your train or bus journey or find out more information about public transport in the area.

If more people use public transport, this could lead to a reduction in pollution, better air quality and healthier towns and cities. You can still be active if you use public transport, by walking or cycling to and from the bus stop or train station.

Help us to recycle

Please help us to recycle effectively by using the recycle bins at our centres.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

Active Ashton

Active Copley

Active Hyde

Active iTrain

Active Ken Ward

Adventure Longdendale

Active Oxford Park

Active Medlock

Tameside Wellness Centre

DEC Energy Review

Five of our buildings have reduced their energy rating, with Active Copley and Active Medlock having made a reduction of 2 grades.

Environmental Policy

Click here to view our Environmental Policy.

We’d like to hear your suggestions

Please contact us if you have any environmentally-friendly suggestions for us.

Our Awards

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Active Tameside