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Swimming pool accessibility

All of our facilities are accessible for wheelchair users. We have ramps and lifts installed at each site. If you visit any of our centres, our staff can show you the facilities and discuss your needs with you.

We have hoists at Active Medlock and Active Copley. The new pool at Active Hyde is also very accessible, due to its gradual step entry into the water and POD. Hyde’s Leisure pool is also accessible due to its sloped beach style entry into the water where staff will be on hand to assist you in wheeling the shower wheelchair into the water where you can float off and enjoy the pool. Tameside Wellness Centre has a moveable floor and access via a pool platform and a POD as well as gradual step entry.

At Active Ashton we do not have a hoist to assist in entrance to the pool, however you are welcome to bring your wheelchair onto the poolside. Our lifeguards are more than happy to assist in any way they can, by stabilising your wheelchair while you enter the pool, and they will then move your chair to the side until you are ready to leave the pool.

Gym accessibility

Our gyms have wheelchair friendly resistance machines. Please ask a member of staff if you require any assistance.

We also have…

  • Large, single-hand operation swing-away seat for easy wheelchair access and those with limited mobility
  • Clear, uncluttered, easy to understand instructions featuring text and illustrations
  • Large, yellow, easy access selector pins
  • Aluminium rings allow visually-impaired users to feel where handles are located
  • Cardio with audio feedback and large, high-contrast colour display with easy-read text
  • Raised iconography and large console keys allow easy use and identification of all controls
  • Treadmills with emergency kill cord stop provides a fast and safe method to stop the treadmill, Multiple belt logos and reflective edging on the deck allow easy Identification of the belt and whether or not it is moving
  • Bikes have single hand seat adjustment, easy to adjust pedal straps
  • The cross trainer and lateral trainers  have multiple lockable pedal positions for easy access and low-profile pedals

Changing Rooms

At Tameside Wellness Centre and Hyde Leisure Pool, we have changing places fitted with hoists and height adjustable sinks.

Sensory Packs

Sensory packs are available at reception at Tameside Wellness Centre which include sunglasses and headphones.


Bowling is inclusive for all with our Hyperbowl experience and we offer quieter sessions too for those who need it.

Thermal Suite / Spa

We offer specific scent-free sessions in the thermal suite / spa at Tameside Wellness Centre.

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