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Customer payment update

Dear Customer,

This is an update regarding online payments and the slight change in the payment process online. From Thursday 3rd March 2022, you will see an additional billing address screen and a new page to enter your card details on. Any interaction for payment authorisation from your bank during the payment process will be handled on the new payments page.



Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations are all about knowing who is making payments. Therefore, all members making online payments must have their personal information up to date. This is particularly important for our customers making use of the mobile app, where members must add a payment card to the app. Without full details on your member record, you will not be able to add a payment card to the app.

Our app will signpost you to your personal profile and tell you what information is missing, but it is very important to have full, up to date accurate personal details for when you are making online payments.

The personal details that members must have on their account to store a payment card on the mobile app are:

1.       Home address (Address, City, Postcode & Country)

2.       Email

3.       Home phone number

You can update your details on the profile section of your account, here. If you need guidance in updating your details, please follow this video walkthrough.

We thank you for your patience during these security changes.

The Active Tameside Team


*Please be aware our system may be down for maintenance on Wednesday 2nd March 2022, at 11pm. This does not influence Active iTrain membership system.

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