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Everyone’s Game

We’re kick starting something amazing in Hattersley!

Everyone’s Game is an exciting new initiative, using football-themed exercise and activities to help more people get more active where you, the community, design the programme to make it work for you.

Designed for women aged 16-35 and men aged 35+, our wide-ranging programme will include fun and enjoyable football-related activities – from exercise classes, to five-a-side friendlies – and a whole lot more in-between.

Browse our programme below and book now to try out one of our local sessions, inspired by football, designed for you.

Whether you’re a first-timer or ex-pro, improve your fitness, have fun and become part of something great.

You don’t need to be good at football or even a fan to get involved. Just bring your feet and we’ll do the rest!

// Just £1 per session //

• Indoor football-themed exercise classes

• Outdoor social football sessions

• Family-friendly sessions

• Walking football

• Social get-togethers

• Themed events

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Please note: indoor fitness classes will start from Monday 25th April and Walking Football will start from Wednesday 4th May




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About Everyone’s Game

Everyone’s Game is funded by the National Lottery and delivered by the Football Foundation. It’s down to us – Active Tameside and Hattersley residents – to turn this opportunity into a real game changer, using inspiration from the beautiful game to improve health, happiness and well, life in general.


How will we achieve this and why football?

Well, together we have five years of funding to set up a wide-ranging programme of football-related activities ranging from exercise classes to five-a-side friendlies – and a whole lot more in-between.

Through attending sessions you’ll not only get fitter, you’ll also be interacting with others and enjoying yourself and that’s all key to being healthier and happier.

It’s football because it’s one of the easiest and most accessible sports to get involved in and it’s great for bringing people together and breaking down social barriers.

We’re specifically reaching out to women aged 16 to 35 and men aged 35-plus, so if that applies to you and you fancy getting off the metaphorical bench and signing up to our growing team of Hattersley superstars – get in touch!

It’s small steps at first so don’t worry

There’s indoor football-themed exercise classes, outdoor social football sessions, walking football and social get-togethers where you can chat and reminisce about the game we love.

ALL sessions are inclusive, welcoming and fun. Some are family friendly, so little ones can get a kick out of it too and you don’t have to worry about childcare.

Most importantly, it’s the Hattersley community shaping the programme.

This initiative has the freedom to evolve and is a chance to approach physical activity differently; that means we’ll keep engaging, we’ll keep listening and we’ll adapt and change it to suit what you, the Hattersley community, would like to see in place.

The ultimate goal is to improve lives and create lasting change, using football as an enjoyable way to get more active and come together as a community.

Who knows, you may discover a passion for the game!

For anyone wanting to progress beyond classes and walking football, there’ll be support to join local leagues or connect with other social football groups to arrange friendly matches. We’ll also be hosting themed events so the whole community can come together and cheer on family and friends.

If you’d like to give it a go and meet people just like you looking to kickstart change, take a look at our session timetable table above – we’ll be adding weekly activities as the scheme progresses. Sessions, costing just £1, will be held at Active Ken Ward and Hattersley Hub, with further sessions being added at more venues around the local area to make it easy for everyone to take part.


Volunteer with us

For those interested in exploring a career in sports development, becoming a coach or referee; there will be a number of volunteer opportunities available as the scheme develops. Volunteering can give you a great insight into the varied roles and careers available within the sport and help you learn and develop new skills whilst being a valued member of the team. Look out for volunteering opportunities coming up very soon.

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