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Gavin’s Tour of Tameside final preparation

Only a few days to go until the Tour of Tameside 2022! It was great to get the final week of hard training out of the way last week. The highlight of the week was getting a tough half marathon tempo session in on the Longdendale trail, which has been my weakness on previous Tours (stage 3). I also did a recce of stage 1 in Daisy Nook with club teammates, as I didn’t do the new changed course last year.

I will now have an easy few days of reduced mileage, to allow the body to recover and hopefully feel fresh on race day on 16th June. I will look to eat sensibly (plenty of carbs) and keep well hydrated in the days leading up to the ultimate running challenge!

Good luck to everyone who is taking part. And remember… ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!’

Gavin Browne – Head of Active Education at Active Tameside




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