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Matt Wilkinson

I have played a variety of sports all my life, such as football, basketball, cricket, athletics and most recently, and perhaps a little less well known; 5 a-side American football, of which I am currently a member of the Great Britain squad (since 2015). I have played in 3 international tournaments in Madrid, Miami and Copenhagen.

Naturally, my interests in sport and exercise have led me into a very rewarding career in the fitness industry, of which I have been part of for over a decade. I take pride in helping people reach their fitness goals and improving their quality of life on a daily basis. My approach to fitness is simple – find the things that you enjoy, whether that’s a delicious healthy meal or a very specific workout and then execute it to the best of your ability, leaving nothing in the tank.

Physical activity and eating a nutritious diet have so many benefits to our physical and mental health and I believe they are the most undervalued form of therapy in today’s society.

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