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Only a few days to go until the Tour of Tameside 2022! It was great to get the final week... Read More

Gavin Browne racing

Only 1 week to go until the big day! I managed another solid week of training this week – around... Read More

Dear Customers This is an update regarding some of the online issues for both payments and bookings that may be... Read More

It’s now over two years since the first case of what became known as COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan,... Read More

Three women enjoying a water workout in the pool - exercise is scientifically proven to help boost vaccines effectiveness

Regular exercise has long been hailed as the ‘miracle cure’, helping to reduce the risk of major illnesses such as... Read More

Stacey Copeland Active Champion

Last week felt so exciting, as we were able to get back to group fitness classes for the first time in many months.... Read More

With gyms unable to reopen in January due to Covid-19 lockdown, finding the motivation to exercise through the cold winter... Read More

Shape up with Sarah again – stick your favourite tunes on and join her for a Tone and Shape workout!

Join Chelsea for a progressive HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout to get your day off to a great start... Read More

Join Sarah for her seventh Tone and Shape workout – stick your favourite tunes on and give it a go!

Try Chelsea’s 14-minute home workout – all you need is a step or strong box and some space – ideal... Read More

Shape up with Sarah’s Tone and Shape workout – no equipment required!

If you’re short on time, try Chelsea’s 12-minute full body home workout. Grab a kettlebell and some dumbbells (or tins... Read More

Colette is back with another kettlebell session that you can try at home. Join her for a 30-minute full body... Read More

If you’ve got a kettlebell lying around, grab it and join in with this great home workout with Colette!

Sarah is back with her weekly dose of Tone and Shape fun! There’s no equipment required for this great home... Read More

Are you short on time? Don’t worry, Chelsea’s got a full body workout for you to do that only takes... Read More

Sarah has got another Tone and Shape class for you. Put your favourite tunes on and join in with this... Read More

Chelsea’s got a simple, yet effective 15-minute home workout for you. All you need is a pair of light dumbbells... Read More

Join Sarah for the third workout session in her Tone and Shape series – a fun workout with no equipment... Read More

Join Colette for a gentle full body Pilates class, great for your core and postural muscles.  

Join Sarah for the second session in her Tone and Shape home workout series – no equipment required.

Join Chelsea for a mixture of cardio and strength exercises – a great full body home workout.

Join Sarah for the first in her series of Tone and Shape home workouts – no equipment required!

Grab some dumbbells or tins of beans and join Chelsea for this great home workout.

Join Colette for a Pilates session that will work your back, core and leg muscles.

Join Chelsea for a great home workout that focuses on your core muscles.

Join Colette for a Pilates workout that focuses on your back and core muscles.

AMRAP stands for ‘as many reps (or rounds) as possible’. See how many you can do!

Box your way to fitness with Tracy’s non-contact full body workout.

Chelsea’s Chair Workout is ideal if you want to do some low impact exercises and don’t have much space or... Read More

Join Colette for a gentle full-body Pilates workout.

Join Chelsea for a 20-minute high intensity interval training session and get a full body workout.

Join Sarah for a Yoga session to help you feel good.

Join Tracy for the fourth session in her Strength and Flexibility for Runners series.

Join Chelsea for a short high intensity workout, focusing on the abdominal muscles.

Take some time out to relax your body and mind with Sarah’s Yoga session.

Join Tracy for the third session in her Strength and Flexibility for Runners series.

Join Tracy for her second strength and flexibility session for runners.

Relax with this home Yoga workout by Sarah.

Tracy’s got a great set of exercise to help improve your strength and flexibility – ideal if you’re a runner!

With gyms being closed during lockdown, many of us have been taking to the streets to walk and run for... Read More

Can indoor cycling improve your intellect? Could squats make you more successful? Will weight lifting make you wealthy? Science suggests... Read More

Leisure centres have never been more essential for keeping us fit and healthy, having helped many of us to get... Read More

Girl doing stretching exercises in the park

For some people, winter forecasts dread, for others it’s a time to get cosy, embrace all that the season has... Read More

Tracy, an Active Tameside Fitness Instructor based at Tameside Wellness Centre in Denton, teaches classes such as Legs, Bums &... Read More

Our best membership just got better – Active Premier membership now includes exclusive Les Mills virtual classes Workouts at home?... Read More

Caron has a 30-minute Band and Ball workout for you to try, give it a go!

Our Dance Development Officer, Lianne, has another Dance Fitness workout for you!

It’s Friday again, and Sarah has another Yoga Workout for you all.  

Jenny has a workout for you to try, all you need is a water bottle.

Caron has created a video to help support you with different equipment you can use for your workouts at home.... Read More

Try a Fit and Fun Workout with Paul.

Chelsea was LIVE on Facebook on Monday with a Grit Cardio and Strength Workout, just in case you missed… here... Read More

Lianne has a Dance Fitness Workout for you all to try, have fun!

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has another Yoga workout for you to try.

Tai-Chi Workout with Jenny, including options for standing or seated exercsies. #  

Here’s Paul with another Fit and Fun Workout, enjoy!    

Sarah is back with her weekly Yoga workout, enjoy.

Chelsea has created a Technique Workshop, to help your improve your exercsie techniques. Clean & Press Technique  Mountain Climbers Technique... Read More

Jenny has a quick fire video to guide you on what exercises to do whilst your kettle boils.    ... Read More

Paul is back with another Fit & Fun workout, enjoy!  

Our fitness instructor, Colette, has been releasing a variety of videos demonstrating key Pilates movements. There has been 4 short... Read More

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has another Yoga workout for you to enjoy.

Sarah is back with another Dance Fitness workout, enjoy!

Jenny from our Live Active team, has a 25-minute HIIT Workout for you all.  

Here is a Pilates workout with Sarah, give it a try and see how you get on!

Chelsea was LIVE on Facebook on Monday, with a Total Body Circuit. Here is the video from that Live Stream,... Read More

Lockdown has changed all our lives in one way or another. We’ve had to adapt, make do and amend our... Read More

Here’s Paul with his weekly ‘Fit & Fun Workout’, enjoy!

Everybody Can’s Sarah, has another Yoga workout for you!

Enjoy this Dance Fitness workout with Sarah.

Caron has a Restorative Yoga Workout session for you.

Jenny has created another Dancercise Workout for you all to try.

Our fitness instructor, Colette, has a Guided Relaxation Session for you.  

Enjoy another Fit & Fun workout with Paul, the video has been uploaded in two segments: Part 1 Part 2

Here’s a legs, bums and tums workout from Caron.

Our Fitness Instructor, Colette, has created a series of 6 workout challenges for you to try. Each of Colette’s Challenges,... Read More

Enjoy another Yoga Workout with Sarah.  

Zoe has a Dance Fitness Workout for you, give it a whirl!  

Join Sarah with a low-intensity seated dance workout.  

Dale has a HIIT Workout for you all to try!  

Hands up if you’re missing our Active Tameside swimming pools! Nothing beats gyms, studios, halls or ball courts such as... Read More

Paul’s back with another Fit & Fun Workout!  

Enjoy a Relaxing Pilates Workout with Sarah.  

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has another Yoga workout for you to try!

Lianne has a Dance Workout for all the children to enjoy!  

Jenny, from our Live Active Team, has a Dancercise Workout for you all to try!  

Colette has another Pilates Workout for you all, this time focusing on your Abs, Core and Back.  

Paul has a Fit & Fun session for you all, similar to his Danceability workouts.

Sarah, from our Everybody Can Team, has put together another Yoga Workout for you all!  

George has put together a short 2-minute video giving you guidance for a HIIT Workout you can do at home.... Read More

Jenny from our Live Active Team, has a Tai-Chi Workout to help with Arthritis and to prevent falls.

Tracy has a Back & Core Stretch workout for you to try at home.

Join Colette in a Strength & Core Workout, the only equipment you will need is Milk Cartons.

Our fitness instructor, George, has been releasing a short 3-video series of exercise demonstrations over the last couple of weeks.... Read More

Jenny from our Live Active Team has a Seated Tai-Chi Workout to benefit those with Arthritis or if you just... Read More

Tracy has an Abs Blast Workout for you all, 20-minutes of core focussed exercises to develop your abdominal muscles.  ... Read More

If you are struggling to find appropriate equipment to use for your own or our workouts, then this video will... Read More

Enjoy a danceability workout with Paul, a fun workout for everyone.  

Enjoy a cardio resistance band workout with Chelsea.  

Tracy has a Strength German Volume Training Workout for you to try, enjoy!

Here’s Sarah with a feel good stretch and guided relaxation session.

If you want a gentle exercise routine that still burns some calories, or would like to add a bit of... Read More

Chelsea has produced a low-intensity Strength workout, with the use of resistance bands.

Throughout the duration of April, our instructor George has released a collection of videos. These 5 videos make up George’s... Read More

Sarah has created a Relaxation Yoga Session for you guys to complete, enjoy!

Do something different this evening and try our family yoga night! We’ve provided a mini workout plan perfect for you... Read More

Our fitness instructor, Tracy, has created a series of workout challenges over the past couple of weeks. Some of you... Read More

Zoe has developed from last weeks Zumba-inspired Dance Workout for beginners, into a more progressive session for you guys to... Read More

Chelsea has completed a Core Workout that you can do at home, take a look!  

Collette has released another Pilates session, this time focusing on balance.  

Zoe Zumba

Zoe has created a Zumba-inspired Dance Workout for beginners, just for you guys to try at home.  

Aerobics Chelsea

Chelsea has releaesd a Low Impact Aerobics Workout, have a go at this workout below.

Pilates 2

Our fitness instructor Collette, has released another Pilates Home Workout.  

George throw and catch

George from our Coaches in Schools team has got three fun throwing and catching challenges that you can all try... Read More

Abs blast tracy

An Abs Blast Workout session now available, focusing exercises on the abdominal muscles with Tracy.  

LBT Chelsea

Here’s Chelsea’s 30-minute Cardio Legs, Bums and Tums Fitness Class – Have you had a go yet?

We know that you’ll be missing the special equipment at the gym, but you can still get a good workout... Read More

Get a sweat on with this hardcore HIIT session with Chelsea. No equipment needed, just lots of energy!  

Join in now with Tracy’s Legs, Bums & Tums class at home, and keep an eye out for a guest... Read More

Missing your Pilates classes? Don’t worry, you can get your fix with Colette! Try her relaxing home workout NOW and... Read More

The flagship Tameside Wellness Centre – Denton will open its doors to the public ahead of schedule on 2nd March... Read More

Woman doing Tai Chi

It’s no secret exercise isn’t just good for the body – it can be miraculous for the mind too. The... Read More

Matt Wilkinson

We’ve all been there. The beach beckons, you want to be poolside prepped and the thought of having to banish... Read More

Fitness Manager at Race

You’d love to pop down to your local Active Tameside centre and try out the latest Les Mills fitness class... Read More

Across our Active Tameside centres we know there are many of you working hard every week to turn your life... Read More

2019 yoga pose

So how are you getting on with those New Year’s resolutions? For many of us, the dawn of a new... Read More

Tony Berry

Before joining Active Tameside, Tony Berry’s weight peaked at 16 stone. He had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high... Read More

Steph Workout

We know how hard it is to stick to normal health and fitness regimes in the winter – we feel... Read More