Active Champions

What is an Active Champion?

Active Tameside’s ‘Active Champions’ programme offers international sports performers, who are either a Tameside resident or member of a Tameside sports club, the chance to compliment their sports-specific training through the use of gyms and swimming pools in Tameside, with a 12 month complimentary membership.

Meet our Active Champions


Could you be one of our Active Champions?

What are the benefits?

    •  FREE 12 month Gym & Swim membership across all Active Tameside leisure facilities.
    •  Access to Active Tameside fitness staff for fitness consultations and development.
    •  Liaison with your NGB/club coach to tailor fitness programmes and to identify areas for development.
    •  Nomination by Active Tameside in the annual Pride of Tameside Sports Awards.
    •  Raise your profile through Active Tameside publicity and attendance at corporate events.

What we expect from you?

    • Written confirmation from your national governing body (NGB) to confirm that you are representing England or Great Britain.
    • Attendance at one Active Tameside corporate event to be agreed mutually.
    • A biography of your sporting career for the Active Tameside website.
    • Recognition from yourself about the free Gym & Swim membership that you have received in any appropriate press releases and/or social media publications.

Apply to be an Active Champion

Please download the application form here and email it to:

Active Tameside

Active Tameside